When Will I See You Again?

When Will I See You Again?

 As I was sitting on a rocking chair on the balcony of my friend’s house in Vermont, overlooking the Mad River Glen Mountain this past 4th of July long weekend, enjoying the breeze from the wind gently blowing across my face, I checked my emails on my ipad. The first email that I opened, had the subject heading “Jane”. My heart just sank. It was sent to me by Jane’s husband to let me know that she had passed away two days earlier, on a Friday morning.

I was upset yet not entirely surprised. You see, my friend Jane had stomach cancer. She fought the disease with all her might as soon as she was diagnosed with it, just ten months earlier! She was accepted into a new clinical trial at the local hospital to receive aggressive treatments. A beautiful life lost too young, someone who was just 50 years old.

A week later, I attended Jane's memorial service to celebrate her life. While conversing with her father to offer my condolences, I saw a nice shiny mahogany box placed on a pedestal centred in the middle, at the back of the room, with two pictures of her on each side. I went up to pay my respect and gave a silent prayer to my dear friend Jane. In that moment, I was overcome with emotions, and I wanted to cry. I was holding back my tears as I didn’t want to make a scene. I really wanted to say goodbye to her one last time, but it was too late!

It’s been a month now since Jane passed away. I wish I had spent more time with her. I miss her terribly. She was one of the kindest, sincere, and most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I look back with fondness from the memories we created. Jane and I used to attend meditation classes together, go to yoga lessons, and enjoyed numerous dinner conversations. I can still see the expressions on her face, hear her laughter in my mind. This is especially difficult in the quiet of night. 🙁

This was a Wake-Up Call for me!


Life is an ever-flowing river. Some come in early and stay in the river with us for a long time, while others come in later but leave early. Life is uncertain and impermanent. I live my life with gratitude and in the moment now. This was the parting gift Jane left me.

Jane, when will I see you again?


**I changed my friend's name to "Jane" in this blog post to protect the privacy of her family.


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