Here is what people are saying about Melissa and the Six Figure Mentors!

I met Melissa during a Six Figure Mentors’ DEA Gold Convention in Phoenix, AZ. My first impression of Melissa was that she was such a friendly and caring person and we quickly became friends. After the convention when I returned home, I was having a hard time building my website, so I reached out to Melissa. She was more than happy to help me out. She spent some time with me and pointed out some valuable resources that she used for her own website. Melissa is a very spiritual person with an abundant mindset that is happy to see other people succeed!

As a stay at home mom of 5 children for 20 years, I thought the time had finally come to restart my one-person company in tourism again. I love the Six Figure Mentors’ way of education, I can say that it’s life changing…I was afraid that an education on the internet was going to be very lonely and impersonal, but not at all! There are so many people from all walks of life who joined the SFM. I feel blessed to have made new friends there! Melissa is one of them. She was the first one who came and helped me. It was like the time when I started college and I was late for the first class, and as I walked into the room with all the new faces and somebody waved to me to show that I could sit next to her. She’s been helping me ever since. I feel safe and I know I can always ask her for help. It means a lot to me!

I came from a loving family of seven. Sadly, our father passed away in 2005, and we are survived by our mother. One Sunday afternoon, while having tea with my Mom, I imagined where my life would be when I’m at the age of 84, the same age that she is at right now.  A thought just flashed through my mind and it was a WAKE-UP CALL for me! I’m now 52 years old, I haven’t traveled the world, and realized how much time I’ve wasted. It was at this moment, that I made a FIRM decision to change my life! It was not a coincidence I saw the ad from The Freedom Lifestyle on Facebook. I joined the Six Figure Mentors and learnt their education program on how to start an online business. It was there that I met Melissa. I felt like I have known her for a long time. She is a good mentor to me, and I’m not shy to ask her for help. This certainly makes a huge difference knowing that there are people in the SFM community like her that care!


Meet My Mentors

Picture shown above taken with the SFM Management Team, from L to R:  Justin Woolf, Stuart Ross, Melissa Luc (yours truly), Jay Kubassek, John Jackson.

I’d like you to meet my two mentors, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They're the co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA).

Stuart Ross, a.k.a. The Freedom Entrepreneur, found and streamlined an online business system. He has helped people all over the world become digital experts, so they too, can achieve the lifestyle freedom he's so passionate about!

Jay Kubassek, a.k.a. #aWAKEUPcall, who grew up on a farm, has mastered the digital business system that changed his own life! He now creates major impact to people’s lives through his digital business know-how. Jay’s #aWAKEUPcall platform is dedicated to empower people with the confidence they need to achieve their dreams.

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a digital business system and a cutting edge online marketing education program. It teaches people to be online entrepreneurs, and offers them the opportunity to promote life-changing products as an SFM affiliate. If you're looking for a sustainable online business that suits your lifestyle, look no further!


The Six Figure Mentors Community

                    SFM Tribe

Picture shown above taken with the Lifestyle Team, from L to R: Chris Hall, Melissa Luc (yours truly), Merilee Watson, Sandrine Hecq.

I'm so fortunate to have found and be part of this SFM exclusive private community. I met so many people from all walks of life; some are still full-time employees, others are traditional business owners, retirees, and stay at home parents. They are all at various stages of their business progression. A community that is open and friendly, willing to help new comers to put their mind at ease.

I attend live weekly webinars held by the Lifestyle Team on a regular basis, to learn about the do's and don'ts of online business. They are a group of young, vibrant, and accomplished affiliate marketers with the SFM.

I also frequently chat with Bev and Ed Hutton, a couple of retirees, who became online entrepreneurial enthusiasts! They are friendly and welcoming from the very first day I joined the SFM Tribe! I quickly felt at ease chatting with them, and trust their advice. They are always there for me, willing to answer any questions I might have, giving me helpful suggestions and yet never wanting anything in return!


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