An Online Entrepreneur Who is Passionate About Helping You Create an Inspired Life!

My Mission

To inspire others to fulfill their potential and lead the best life possible.

My Core Values


    I believe in living a life with integrity, cherishing others, and seeing the best in everyone. Wishing others to be happy is the true source of happiness!


    I’m passionate about helping others realize their full potential and living life on their own terms. I truly believe that If we live our lives with passion and purpose, we can transform our lives to exactly how we envision them to be!


    I strive to deliver the best value to those I help and serve. I’m driven to learning new skills and developing an abundance mind-set.


    That’s what great leaders do!

Meet Melissa

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’d like to share with you how I became an online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer.

I started my career in the financial industry after I graduated from university. After working for a few major financial corporations for many years, I’ve taken on a new challenge!

The 9-5 daily grind, the morning commute into downtown, fighting the rush hour traffic, the heavy workload, and not to mention that I had to ask someone for permission every time I wanted to take a vacation had finally taken its toll on me.  Waking up in the morning was getting increasingly difficult. I pressed the snooze button over and over before I actually got out of bed!

One day, I stumbled across a YouTube video while I was surfing the internet on a typical evening after work. It introduced me to an alternative way to earn a living. I discovered I can have an online business as long as I own a laptop and have access to the internet. I can be my own boss, work anywhere in the world and work whenever I want.

That was just too appealing to pass up!

Instinctively it made a lot of sense to me, most of us spend hours each day on the internet, whether buying shoes, shopping for electronics, catching up with friends on social media or just reading the news. And, people all over the world have access to the internet now more than ever before.

So I made the jump and quit my job of more than ten years! I first took time off to recharge and to spend time with my friends and family.

But then, fast forward to today, I’ve created my very first website and set up my own online business. I love the fact that my office is now just down the hall from my bedroom.  A very short morning commute!

These days, I can create my own work schedule, work whenever I want, and still have time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do!

I’m also able to take time off in the middle of the day, twice a week to take a Mandarin Chinese course I’ve always wanted to take. I even went back to my hometown of Toronto to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. It was the first time in a very long time I was able to do that.

I just love the new-found flexibility and freedom this laptop lifestyle has provided me. I can’t wait to share my journey with you and show you how to launch your own online business!

Cheers for now...  Melissa

My Digital Education Certification

Copywriting is a fundamental skill required for every successful marketer, whether online or offline. I am delighted to have completed the Copywriting Mastery Course from the Digital Marketer. This was included as part of my digital education from the Six Figure Mentors. I learnt about proven secrets to writing copy that grabs attention!



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