Living Your Authentic Life

Hi There!

Are you doing exactly what you want with your life?

Today I want to talk about living an authentic life, a life that is true to yourself.

Most of us are attached to what people think of us, or have an attachment to reputation.

It prevents us from following our heart, living the life that we want. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want, what we really like to do. We are too fearful to look inside ourselves.

We grew up trying to be a good girl or a good boy, doing what other people wanted us to do. Especially, what our parents expected of us.

And now as parents, we feel we must sacrifice our own dreams for our children.

On the surface it seems noble, but in reality, we’re living in regret, feeling incredible pain.

We are social creatures and we practice compassion all the time. But it’s the attachment to what people think of us that cause us so much suffering.

For example, we don’t think we are real until we have a partner. The moment our partner doesn’t praise us or agree with us, and even worse, criticizes us, the pain sets in.

The attachment of being seen as a good person is so strong. The neediness to be seen and praised by others as if we are nobody until our actions are seen.

Let’s say we’re doing the dishes after dinner and our partner walks by without praising us for doing the dishes. Instead, they go straight to the living room and turn on the TV.

Or let’s say we take the garbage out after dinner, but our partner did not notice it, let alone acknowledge us because they’re too busy watching their favorite sitcom.

Naturally, we feel unappreciated.

We rush to our cell phone and text our friends to complain about it, or even worse, harbor the feelings of resentment and turn our back on our partner at bedtime.

In a romantic relationship, once the physical passion dies down, what’s driving the relationship is the attachment of what our partner thinks of us.

We don’t feel that we exist until we are being seen and heard by others. It’s no wonder we are walking around like half a person longing to feel whole again when our partner stops paying attention to us.

We have these misguided views that the love and joy we feel can only come from something external, outside of us, or given by someone.

The good news is the potential of who we are is inside us. The qualities of compassion, love, clarity, and wisdom already exist in us, in potential, in our own mind. In other words, the potential for happiness and fulfillment is already within us.

We can be content to do the dishes or take out the garbage even when no one notices it.

If we know in our heart that the relationship is over, then make a choice to move on. Be mature and be respectful. We don’t have to wait until the situation is intolerable to leave, giving us a reason to blame the other person.

We have to listen to ourselves and know what we want. Then act with integrity and clarity using wisdom and reasonableness to make our choices.

Just look at any unhappy relationship including the situation at our current job. We hate our job. We put in our 9-5, then go home and complain about it. Yet, we still go back the next day and do it all over again! Rinse and Repeat.

The feeling that we don’t have any choice. The fear that we won’t have any money or will be unable to find another job. What if this and what if that. What will my friends think? We end up staying paralyzed!

Whatever we decide to do, we have the internal power to make it our own choice!  It takes a lot of courage to make big changes. But, it is then we can live an authentic and happy life, a life that is true to ourselves!

And create an inspired life!


Suggested meditation practice for this week:

Say to yourself, “May I do what is most beneficial.”


To your success.


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