How Satisfied Are You With Your Job?


I recently watched a video from the World Economic Forum about why people quit their job.

After watching that video, it caused me to think about even more reasons why people are dissatisfied and quit their jobs.

Do any of these apply to you?

Company Culture

Company culture was one of the main reasons given in the video why people quit their jobs. Related to company culture, here’s what I’ve also seen:

There is no sense of teamwork.

You don’t feel valued.

Your opinions are not heard.

You don’t feel you have any say as to where the direction of the company is heading!

Work-Life Balance

The reality these days is… There is no work life balance!

In reality, you spend long hours at the office, only to find yourself back on your computer after you have put your kids to bed.

You look forward to the weekends to take your kids to soccer games or ballet lessons, but find yourself exhausted on Sunday night with no time left for yourself.

Then Monday comes and the thought of having to do it all over again just makes you cringe!

Lack of Advancement

You spend long hours at the office, yet when you have your performance review, you find that you have not met your boss’s expectations! What the heck?

Based on this justification, your pay raise is below industry minimums and your promotion is overlooked!

Job Stagnation

Job stagnation is another huge factor why people are not satisfied with their job!

Have you ever found yourself so good at doing a particular function at your job that you ended being pigeon-holed for that role, year after year?

You learned everything you can in that role, but have not been given new opportunities to advance, because your manager doesn’t want to train someone new.

You’re stuck.


You have always given 110% to your job. That’s who you are. You take pride in your work and you’re a person with high integrity.

But during an economic downturn, company budget cut, or new management suddenly decides to be cost efficient, your employment with the company is terminated because you’re too expensive to retain!

You’re given a termination notice and asked to leave the premises immediately, not even allowed to return to your cubicle or office to pick up your personal belongings!

I know that’s standard practice, but it still feels awful to be singled out.

Entrepreneurship in the new Digital Economy

If any of these reasons resonate with you or someone you know, there is a better way.

Take back control of your financial independence, do things on your own terms and set your own schedule.

That’s what I did!

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