Can I Create An Online Business Around My Current Job?

Hey There!

So, you might be wondering if you can create an online business around your current job?

The answer is Yes! you absolutely can create an online business around your current job!

You just need to dedicate a few hours every day to learn some new skills, follow SFM’s systems for selling online training and write a bit of content (like what I’m doing 🙂 ).

You can even shoot some videos with your phone if you want.

These are all practical skills that anyone can learn. All the material is online, so you can learn and implement the skills at your own pace, around your current job!

Take the time to go through the SFM introductory module and before you know it, the insights will start flooding in, and the light bulb moments will arrive.

Have you ever heard that quote about not sacrificing the important for the urgent? Of course, your to-do list seems urgent. But what if those to-dos aren’t going to actually move the needle in your life?

Imagine creating a business around your skills and interests and doing something you enjoy more than your job.

Imagine a business that generates an income stream while you’re asleep, and across different time zones! 🙂

It’s totally feasible if you’re committed!

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Think of the time freedom you’ll have once your online business takes off.

You’ll have extra time to spend with your family, plus do the things you love to do but never seem to have time.

Isn’t that worth it to you?

Here’s the deal …. We work better when we have a deadline.

So, give yourself a deadline and go create an inspired life for yourself… You deserve it!

To your success,


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