A Closer Look At Meditation

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Last week I talked about what meditation is and how it can help you calm your mind.

Did you try doing a 3-min simple breathing meditation?

And did you notice random thoughts came rushing into your mind? That’s quite normal.

It’s because you are aware of your thoughts! Congratulations, you’re ahead of a lot of people.

Most people just go through life with no control of their own thoughts whatsoever. They blah out whatever come to their mind. Their mind is constantly on a reactive mode, running on a treadmill.


A Closer Look at Meditation

Today, I want to take a closer look at meditation.

Meditation is to familiarize our mind to that which is real and virtuous.

By virtuous, I mean all the good qualities that we were born with.

Love. Compassion. Empathy. Patience. Kindness. Giving.

By training in meditation, our mind will become calm, but not dull. And we will be laser focused and alert… Sharp as a needle!

It gives us some mental SPACE to pause when any negative state of mind arises.

The anger, the neediness, the expectations (not getting what we want), the anxiety, and the possessiveness…

All this rubbish, it doesn’t serve us and causes us so much pain!

With patience in our practice of meditation, we can subdue and eventually eradicate, one by one, all these negative states of mind, otherwise known as delusions.

And we can fully develop all the good qualities, namely love, compassion, empathy, patience, kindness, and giving. These virtuous qualities are our core being, our TRUE nature!

Who wouldn’t want to have a calm and peaceful mind and be happy all the time, right?

These techniques were developed about three thousand years ago and have been practiced by Buddhist monks.

But please don’t believe anything anyone tells you. Take it as a working hypothesis and check for its validity.


Investigate it.

Think about it. Internalize it.

Experience it for yourself.

Verify if it is true.

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And to create an inspired life!


Suggested meditation practice for this week:

Whenever you speak with someone, quietly wish them “May you be happy.”


To your success.



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